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Baseball Team Manager

Baseball Team Manager

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The problem that this program aims to solve is the struggle of a baseball manager trying to manage their team. With a roster of up to 25 players and so many stats, it can be difficult for a manager to maintain an accurate view of the state of their team and give feedback to their players.

To solve this problem, the program will manage a roster of baseball players, separated into batters and pitchers. The user, a manager, can enter in the basic events of a game for each player and the program will keep track of them and calculate statistics from the information. In addition, by analysing the main statistics of the batters the program will suggest a batting lineup and will suggest a starting rotation based on the statistics of the pitchers.


The program was written in Java, using a variety of Object-Oriented Programming concepts including polymorphism, abstract classes, and inheritance. I also used the java.util and packages.

Next Steps & Lessons

This program was created as my Grade 12 computer science course culminating project to showcase Object-Oriented Programming skills. While this is not how I'd approach the same problem currently, this project shows how the beginnings of my learning to program.