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Environmental Map App

Environmental Map App

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This project was completed as a part of a course project for SYDE 362 - Needs Analysis and Prototyping.

The high level objectives for this project was: Inform users about the environmental conditions (humidex and light level) of study spots across campus at different times of the day. Display information in a way that optimizes retention and is useful for advocacy about the current state of campus locations and their assets alongside its issues for future development.

The prototype was 1/3 approaches that my team took to solve the same problem space.


Lam Pham and I collaborated on the high level design then Lam worked out the details into a Figma.

The tech stack was heavily influenced by this Waterworks project.

For the development of this web app, I used React, leveraging the react-leaflet package to handle the map functionality.

Next Steps & Lessons

Our team conducted user testing an interviews to assess the effectiveness of the different prototypes in terms of retention of information. This prototype performed worse than the other two design options so it was concluded that no further development time would take place. Overall, I appreciated this project as a chance to learn a new package and I learned that including a map into projects could be done relatively easily in the future.